Why to invest in Halliburton? (2024)

Why to invest in Halliburton?

HAL boasts an average earnings surprise of 5.1%. Halliburton is also cash rich. The company has generated cash flow growth of 2%, and is expected to report cash flow expansion of 55% in 2023. With solid fundamentals, a good Zacks Rank, and top-tier Growth and VGM Style Scores, HAL should be on investors' short lists.

Is Halliburton a good investment?

Halliburton Company's analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy. This is based on the ratings of 15 Wall Streets Analysts.

What is the future of Halliburton stock?

On average, Wall Street analysts predict that Halliburton Co's share price could reach $50.71 by Jan 24, 2025. The average Halliburton Co stock price prediction forecasts a potential upside of 46.95% from the current HAL share price of $34.51.

Is HAL a good buy for long term?

Is Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd a good quality company? Past 10 year's financial track record analysis by Moneyworks4me indicates that Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd is a good quality company.

What is the future outlook for Halliburton?

According to the latest long-term forecast, Halliburton price will hit $35 by the middle of 2024 and then $45 by the end of 2025. Halliburton will rise to $50 within the year of 2026, $55 in 2027, $65 in 2028, $70 in 2029, $75 in 2030, $80 in 2031, $85 in 2033, $90 in 2034 and $95 in 2035.

What is Halliburton famous for?

Present: Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products, services, and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration, development, and production.

What are the perks of Halliburton?

Halliburton Benefits and Perks
  • Financial Benefits. Matching 401k contribution. Tuition assistance.
  • Health and Wellness Benefits. Non Primary Caregiver Leave. Adoption Assistance. Childcare benefits. Medical Insurance. Dental Insurance. ...
  • Workplace Benefits. Work Opportunities outside the US. Employee/Business Resource Group.

Is Halliburton a buy or sell?

Halliburton stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is and is based on 51 buy ratings, 7 hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings. What was the 52-week low for Halliburton stock? The low in the last 52 weeks of Halliburton stock was 27.84.

Who owns the most Halliburton stock?

Capital World Investors

What is the Halliburton company controversy?

Halliburton has become the object of several controversies involving the Iraq War and the company's ties to former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney retired from the company during the 2000 U.S. presidential election campaign with a severance package worth $36 million.

Will Halliburton stock recover?

Returning to the pre-inflation shock level means that Halliburton will have to gain about 32% from here. While it has the potential to recover to those levels, we estimate HAL's Valuation to be around $41 per share, about 21% above the current market price.

Why should I invest in HAL?

HAL has a proven track record of growth, having achieved a CAGR of 8% over FY 2018-23 and expanding its EBITDA margin from 18.7% in FY2018 to 24.7% in FY2023 and moving forward, the company is expected to maintain its growth trajectory with a projected CAGR of 13% over FY 2023-26F along with a healthy EBITDA margin of ...

Is HAL overvalued or not?

The intrinsic value of one HAL stock under the Base Case scenario is 1 210.42 INR. Compared to the current market price of 2 972.45 INR, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd is Overvalued by 59%.

Who is bigger Halliburton vs Schlumberger?

The other notable difference is that Schlumberger has a much larger revenue worldwide. SLB revenues were over 40% bigger than HAL. Schlumberger generated 41% more revenue than Halliburton in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Is Halliburton better than Schlumberger?

They are the industry leaders. Schlumberger generated 28.4% more revenue than Halliburton in the third quarter of 2022. As we can see, Halliburton generated $2.635 billion in revenue from North America, or 49.2% of its total revenue in 3Q22, versus 20.6% for Schlumberger.

Should I buy HAL shares now?

Hindustan Aeronautics has TTM P/E ratio 21.36 as compared to the sector P/E of 33.36. There are 8 analysts who have initiated coverage on Hindustan Aeronautics. There are 3 analysts who have given it a strong buy rating & 6 analysts have given it a buy rating. 1 analysts have given the stock a sell rating.

Who is Halliburton's sister company?

KBR works in various markets including aerospace, defense, industrial and intelligence. After Halliburton acquired Dresser Industries, KBR was created in 1998 when M.W. Kellogg merged with Halliburton's construction subsidiary, Brown & Root, to form Kellogg Brown & Root.

Who owns Halliburton now?

Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services for the ever-evolving needs of the energy industry that has faced some controversy over the years. Of their many institutional investors, Capital Investors Inc. and The Vanguard Group own the majority of shares in the company.

How does Halliburton make money?

Halliburton provides upstream drilling and exploration services to oil and gas production activities required by firms such as Exxon Mobil and National Oil Companies (NOCs) like Saudi Aramco to explore, develop, and service their oil resources.

What is the Halliburton loophole?

The so-called Halliburton Loophole, named after the oil and gas services company once headed by former Vice President Dick Cheney, means that the industry can use fracking fluid containing chemicals linked to negative health effects including kidney and liver disease, fertility impairment and reduced sperm counts ...

What is Halliburton ranked in the world?

Halliburton's brand is ranked #685 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Halliburton. Their current market cap is $19.23B. Schlumberger's brand is ranked #603 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Schlumberger. Their current valuation is $2.86B.

What products does Halliburton make?

  • Subsurface. Subsurface.
  • Well Construction.
  • Completions. Wellbore Service Tools.
  • Production. Production.
  • Abandonment. Abandonment. Integrated Plug and Abandonment. Plug and Abandonment Tools. ...
  • Integrated Services. Low Carbon Solutions. Digital integration for increased asset value. Explore.
  • Software. Subsurface. Well Construction.

How often does Halliburton pay dividends?

Halliburton Company ( HAL ) pays dividends on a quarterly basis.

Is Halliburton a dividend stock?

How much is Halliburton Company's dividend? HAL pays a dividend of $0.17 per share. HAL's annual dividend yield is 1.81%.

Is Halliburton a Fortune 500 company?

Halliburton - HAL - Fortune Global 500 Top Companies.


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