J.Crew coupons - 15% OFF in May 2024 (2024)


How do I get 15% off my J. Crew order?

Students, teachers, military, and first responders can save 15% off their orders at J.Crew. You can usually save 10-30% off by shopping with our promo codes on this page too.

Does J.Crew have free shipping?

J.Crew offers free shipping to J.Crew rewards members. Otherwise, standard shipping costs $5 and will be delivered between 3-6 business days, while expedited shipping costs $15 and will be delivered between 2-3 business days.

Does J.Crew do student discount?

Yes, J.Crew offers both students and teachers a discount of 15% when they shop with a valid student ID. This discount can be used both online and in-store.

When are the J.Crew sales?

J.Crew often runs sales during seasonal periods such as Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, and New Year. However, customers can head to the Sale section of the J.Crew website to find discounts all year round.

What is the J.Crew return policy?

The J.Crew returns policy states that items returned within 30 days of the date of delivery or purchase are eligible for a full refund providing that they are clearly unworn with no signs of wear.

Hints and tips

Take Advantage of Promo Codes - One of the easiest ways to save money at J. Crew is to use a promo code. These are coupons that can be used for online purchases. Promo codes can be found around online but one of the best places to get one is here on this page at Marie Claire. We update this page with the latest J. Crew coupons as soon as we find them.

Wait for a Sale - If you aren’t in a hurry, you can always wait for a sale to roll around. These pop up periodically, often around holiday seasons. If you don’t have the time to wait for a sale, you can always check out the sales section on the website. This page is dedicated to all of the items currently available at a discount. You can browse everything at once or sort by category to find what you’re looking for faster.

Sign Up for the Newsletter - Regular customers should consider signing up for the J. Crew newsletter. This is an email-based subscription that keeps members informed of any upcoming sales, deals, and promos. Sometimes you can also get exclusive offers. It’s free to sign up for you and you can always opt out at any time. To sign up, enter your email address into the field at the bottom of the J. Crew homepage.

Follow J.Crew on Social Media - If you don’t want to deal with email updates, you can always follow J. Crew on social media. This is a great way to keep an eye out for upcoming sales, promos, and deals. J. Crew has a few profiles at multiple social media platforms so you can choose your favorite. To find J. Crew’s profile, check out the homepage and scroll to the bottom and look for the social links in the footer.

Sign Up for J. Crew Passport - J. Crew has a free program called J. Crew Passport that customers can sign up for. This is a point-based program that allows members to accumulate points with every purchase. These can be redeemed for discounts in the future. Other perks include birthday gifts, exclusive promos, and free shipping.

  1. Add the product or products you want to order to your cart, referred to as a bag at J. Crew.
  2. Open the cart, or bag.
  3. Click “Checkout” at the bottom of the window that opens.
  4. Look for “Add a promo or gift card” on the checkout window.
  5. There is a field that says “Promo or Gift Card” in which you can enter your promo code.
  6. Click “Apply”. If the code is valid, it will be applied to your purchase.
  7. Complete the checkout as normal.

What We Recommend Buying From J.Crew

We’re no strangers to J. Crew and have recommended plenty of their apparel over the years. It wasn’t too long ago we spotted Kate Middleton sporting a snazzy J. Crew sweater. We also get excited when they have sales and recently promoted their President’s Day sale. Overall, J. Crew has a wide selection to choose from and we recommend everything from basics and staples to statement pieces to add a little flair to your wardrobe.

How We Source Our Codes

At Marie Claire, we have a dedicated team of deal experts, commercial colleagues, and editors who find and negotiate the best promo codes and coupons, as well as produce content aiming to help you shop affordably.

We have a dedicated team of 3 deal experts that are constantly sourcing and testing coupons and promo codes for some of the biggest retailers in fashion, beauty, and beyond to list on our website. They also work with affiliate networks to get a heads-up on future deals and discounts. This means we can update our pages

Meanwhile, our commercial colleagues are key to keeping good relationships with retailers. Their experience with lifestyle vouchers helps them to negotiate the best promo codes and exclusives for you.

On the pages themselves, you’ll find carefully researched saving information for all your beauty, lifestyle, and fashion purchases. Our contributing editors have years of experience in the industry and consistently update the page to reflect new ways to save. You’ll find helpful discount FAQs and saving tips which are checked and verified regularly.

Our team always tries to make sure any out-of-date sales or incorrect codes are not included on our coupon pages. To do this, we check a few things, including:

  • Trying the code and checking if they are valid ourselves.
  • Check we don’t have any unique, one-use codes.
  • Looking at the offer conditions to make sure you’ve got all the information.

However, there are occasions when details change or the codes may expire without us knowing. If this happens, be sure to contact us by emailing info@myvouchercodes.co.uk so we know. You can also go to our contact page.

How do we make money?

It’s completely free for customers to use the coupon codes we have above. We’ll get a small percentage of the money spent as a commission from the retailer you shop at. As with most businesses, we do need to make money however this will never impact the price you pay. The brand will give us a small share of the profit for connecting you to them. This helps us keep going whilst saving you more money.

Simply put, the retailer makes a sale, we get a commission, and you get a discount.

J.Crew coupons - 15% OFF in May 2024 (2024)
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